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Remarkably cosmopolitan for a city of its size, Düsseldorf reveals a diverse population where waves of immigration in past decades have left a rich ethnic legacy. Newcomers from the Mediterranean and Middle East, Asia as well as eastern and southern EU have enriched the local community, bringing with them new creeds and cuisines.

The city is home to the largest Japanese community in mainland Europe. Dutch, British, American, French, Turkish and Chinese citizens are also well represented. Everyone seems to rub along pretty well together.

Large corporations and businesses from around the world are present in Düsseldorf. Businesses originating in US, Japan, China, Korea, Britain and many more show a desire for expats to relocate. We are here to help.

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Expat groups in social media are highly
valuable sources for connecting. Getting in touch and getting together with others living
in a similar situation can be important.
Socialising in Düsseldorf includes meet ups
for conversation over a drink or a meal.

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Germans, on the whole, love and respect
pets and in most areas of Düsseldorf people
are friendly towards dogs. Pets may move
freely in the EU if they are microchipped
Surprisingly, dogs are often allowed in
restaurants and on public transport.

Settle in,
acquire info,
feel at home.

Original language movies are popular among expats in Düsseldorf. Films are frequently screened in English at a variety of cinemas in original with subtitles, known as OmU or Original mit Untertitel and without, portrayed as OV or Original Version