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Things to do


Interest and investment in the arts is extremely strong in Düsseldorf while patronage is high in the region. This results in strong public subsidies as well as private sponsoring of highly diverse art venues and art museums in Düsseldorf.

The state capital boasts one of the most lively art worlds in Europe and beyond. Impressive collections go hand in hand with inspiring exhibitions, often of global significance.

Art venues can be found in many downtown locations in a wide variety and style of premises. Whether under the earth, in a remodelled parliament building, modern or dated concrete boxes, the choice is vast and just as diverse. Photo: Kunstakademie.

Society & Folk

Society and folk in Germany is often hotly debated and opinions divided. However, anyone who has experienced the hospitality offered in this culture knows more. Germans are more laid back than first meets the eye. Life in Germany as a whole and Düsseldorf especially is peaceful.