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Many events pop up and disappear with little or no advertising. Some activities are small or unique. Such happenings are posted in this calendar. A  source of possible surprise and discovery.

Something special takes place throughout the year in Düsseldorf. Besides established events and exhibitions, smaller occasions can vary from a concert, theatre performance, vernissage, celebration, opening, anniversary, a spontaneous market or a small one off activity. 

Choose from expat meet ups and other happenings, some of which take place with surprisingly little publicity, yet well-informed local nationals attend. Members of the expat community of Düsseldorf and surroundings can enjoy these gatherings too.

The calendar below offers expats a quick, easy and simple way to discover current activities all on one page. Please confirm to take note of any cancellations or changes.

By Vincent Green, Jun 23 2022

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12 13 14 15Düsseldorf Expat Meetup GroupDüsseldorf Expat Meetup GroupTime: 19:00
Networking over drinks with expats
Fatty’s Irish Pub
16 17 18
19 20 21 22Stadtklang ConcertStadtklang ConcertTime: 19:00
Free Entrance
Ruby Coco, Stadtmitte
23 24 25
26 27 28 29The Importance of Being EarnestThe Importance of Being EarnestTime: 20:00
The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, English language theatre from Orange Planet. John Worthing leads a double life. In the country he is responsible, strict Uncle Jack, taking excellent care of the education of his young ward Cecily. To escape the rather boring country life, he has invented a troubled young brother named Earnest who he must regularly visit in London, but in London he poses as Earnest himself and falls in love with the honourable Gwendolen Fairfax. His friend Algernon Moncrieff has himself created the imaginary Bunbury, an invalid he has to take care of in the country. When Algernon discovers Jack’s secret, he travels to his country house and, under the pretence of being Earnest, woos Cecily. When Jack, Gwendolen and her formidable mother Lady Bracknell also arrive in the country, chaos ensues… Oscar Wilde’s successful farce is a firework of funny dialogues and is considered to be one of the cleverest comedies in the English language.
Theater an der Luegallee, Düsseldorf
Funfair ride against blue sky


Events and activities large and small happen in Düsseldorf throughout the year, some becoming nationally and internationally popular. Carnival is huge, as is the large funfair on the Rhine river bank opposite the old town.


Amazing Capitals Düsseldorf eGuide for expats is a bespoke collection of resources covering many aspects of life in the vibrant and friendly city of Düsseldorf. Subscription to periodical mails enables readers to benefit from insights, hints, notifications and promotions.

Socialising in Düsseldorf

Staying in touch and getting together with others living in a similar situation can be important. Expat groups in social media are highly valuable sources for connecting. Socialising in Düsseldorf can include events, international clubs or heading for a popular spot to meet international residents. 

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