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What Berlin is to politics and Frankfurt is to banking, Düsseldorf is to shopping. Hitting the shops in the renowned capital of German fashion is a fine experience. With super chic boutiques Düsseldorf is the country’s arbiter of sophistication and style. 

Due to the density and variety of upscale stores, shoppers are not only attracted from surrounding cities and towns but from neighbouring countries such as The Netherlands as well as destinations further afield such as Dubai. The elegant, see-and-be-seen world of the famous Königsallee is a byword for luxury and lavish living.

Düsseldorf offers everything for even the most discerning clientele, whether fashion or fast cars, unique boutiques, emporia, stunning stores and shopping malls offer a fabulous experience.

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Socialising in Düsseldorf

Staying in touch and getting together with others living in a similar situation can be important. Expat groups in social media are highly valuable sources for connecting. Socialising in Düsseldorf can include events, international clubs or heading for a popular spot to meet international residents.