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Things to do


Major events take place through the year in Düsseldorf. From the crazy carnival to the funfair, Christmas markets to Japanese day, and France festival, life in the Rhineland is where virtually any excuse will do for a parade or a street event. Most are accompanied by beer, sausage and assorted delicacies on a grand scale. Photo © Messe Düsseldorf.

Excellent exhibitions and collections in a variety of art venues and museums are on offer to lovers or art and cultural heritage. Fascinating things to do are also available almost every month too as part of a surprising kaleidoscope of activities in the city.


The Events Calendar

Besides the overview of major events, a wide variety of expat relevant occurrences in Düsseldorf are posted on the events calendar. Discover such diverse annual activities as the rundgang, book fair, CSD, pink Monday, museums night, jazz rally, the cartwheeling tournament and several festivals.

Variety of colourful books