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Things to do


The so-called Rhenish lust for living is alive and well in Düsseldorf, is infectious and so going out is great fun. One main hub of entertainment for expats is the old town, Altstadt. Whist it offers punters the longest bar in the world, many prefer to visit other city neighbourhoods.

Excellent restaurants and bistros in Düsseldorf range from traditional and local to international places such as French, Italian, Belgian or Asian. An extraordinary variety of style, quality and budget is available. Eating Japanese food is a must in the city with sushi bars high on the list. Chinese, Korean and Thai can also be found in abundance.

A broad selection of unusual fast food places entice with culinary offerings to suit all tastes and speeds. Cosy cafés, pubs, breweries, great clubs and traditional beer gardens can be found too. Amazing Capitals Düsseldorf reveals a few choices for international residents.

Germans, on the whole, love and respect pets and are especially friendly to dogs. Keeping a pet on a leash is a must apart from inside official, special pens in the city. Surprisingly for some, dogs are also permitted on public transport and inside restaurants unless otherwise stated.