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The Location


History has created the story of latter day Germany in a unique, curious manner. Over time, a patchwork has been created of small and large boundaries, reaching a total of sixteen federal states in 1990. Some are cities, others vast geographical regions. Some are heavily populated, others not so. Some possess strong economies, others are more challenged.

Düsseldorf is the capital of North-Rhine Westphalia, which, with some eighteen million residents, NRW has the highest population of all states. The city is the seat of the state parliament. 

The country’s federal system spreads responsibility and support through many levels of political and administrative institutions. Image Tourismus NRW, Oliver Franke.


Public Transport

The public transport system in Düsseldorf is safe and normally efficient. A dense network of trams, Strassenbahn, above and below ground as well as buses serve the city and its suburbs. Links via the S-Bahn train system reach further outlying areas and some neighbouring communities.