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Düsseldorf is located in an area with a vast population of some eighteen million residents. Almost everyone searches for recreational options. Thus, the perfect location of North Rhine Westphalia has attracted corporations that have created various recreational and amusement parks for young and old alike.

For instance, in the Ruhr region, it is possible to study creatures of the sea, experience giant building blocks from childhood or bathe in the glorious atmosphere of Hollywood. Near Neuss the vast open cast mine is a one of a kind wonder for those who are interested in the impact human consumption has had on geological strata.

Closer to home the wide banks of the Rhine offer great opportunities to spent the day near the water, enjoy the scenery and let the whole family have a great time. 




Art venues and museums in Düsseldorf
regularly present selections of fine pieces
in well arranged exhibitions.
Regular exhibits also include fascinating
or rare works from across the globe.

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Some events pop up only briefly.
Many activities are small or unique.
Such occurrences are published in this
source of surprise and discovery.

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