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German’s have sweet tongues, if not quite the intensity of, say, the Spanish, French or perhaps British. Bakeries can be found everywhere and they all sell sugary items. So too, the thousands of coffee outlets of American or other origin.

Beyond these norms, delicacies hold a long tradition in Düsseldorf. Expats who adore the offers of a great confiserie can discover several confectionery stores.

Options include traditional Konditorei Heinemann, which will soon have been in business for one hundred years. Still unusual in Germany, their website is available in English, to the pleasure of international customers.

Breuninger Confiserie is also steeped in tradition and offers a variety of delicacies within their emporium in Düsseldorf. Another favourite is Chocolatier Kuhlen.

By Vincent Green, Oct 11 2021

Two cups of coffee on a table


Staying in touch and meeting with other international residents in a similar situation can be important. Socialising in Düsseldorf can include relevant events, international clubs, popular spots and expat groups on social media.

Bikes against railings


Hopping on a bicycle, to discover quieter city districts and nearby villages can be enjoyable and most rewarding. Bike paths weave their way across most of Düsseldorf, along the banks of the Rhine and on to outlying regions.

Society & Folk

Society and folk in Germany is often hotly debated and opinions divided. However, anyone who has experienced the hospitality offered in this culture knows more. Germans are more laid back than first meets the eye. Life in Germany as a whole and Düsseldorf especially is peaceful.