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Organic store frontage

Germany was an early adopter of organic lifestyle choices. The movement was treated with much distain and sometimes contempt, while scepticism towards people wearing Birkenstock shoes was legendary.

The organic campaign thrived, picked up pace and, thankfully, produce is readily available today in a variety of outlets. Alongside established supermarket giants or small traditional organic store chains, organic supermarkets have spread across the country.

Organic stores have been located in Düsseldorf for a very long time. Numerous small health food shops are located in neighbourhood streets across the city. New brands have established themselves and organic supermarkets provide a wide selection of options.

Many provide a good selection of vegetarian and an ever increasing range of nourishing options for sustaining a well balanced vegan approach to life.

Numerous exclusively organic stores and organic supermarkets are available for expats to shop in Düsseldorf. Options include Alnatura, Basic, Reformhaus, Super Bio Markt, Denns Biomarkt and independent stores such as the Biohaus.

Another delightful option is available to local expats. Groceries are sourced locally and delivered fresh for the busiest among us. Contact Bauerntüte online in German or over the phone in English.

By Vincent Green, Jul 12 2020

Two cups of coffee on a table


Staying in touch and meeting with other international residents in a similar situation can be important. Socialising in Düsseldorf can include relevant events, international clubs, popular spots and expat groups on social media.


Tap water in Düsseldorf possesses such a high quality that it can be drunk from the tap regularly. Local water is treated and cleaned through an extensive process on its way to the consumer. By then it is highly drinkable and virtually tasteless.

Beaches in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf may not be on the top of the list for seaside destinations. To the surprise of newly arrived expats, the Rhine does, however, offer numerous beaches on both banks with fine sand for walking, playing, relaxing and picnicking. On warm and sunny summer days especially, people flock to enjoy the river.