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A few locations offer a larger sense of community than others and Düsseldorf is one of them. Meet ups & expat group meetings organised through social media occur frequently.

Some parents set up their own networks and play groups to get together with like-minded expats and locals to confer on everyday experiences.

International and bilateral clubs also host regular meetings, some with speakers. Expats who enjoy being part of these friendly institutions enjoy the atmosphere. Listen to topical after dinner speeches, get together for events and a bite to eat or a drink. Meeting with other international residents from home and elsewhere can be easy.


The American International Women’s Club of Düsseldorf, AIWCD, is a perfect option to connect with American culture and other US citizens who also live far from their home country. The club is welcomes women and men who live in Düsseldorf or beyond and are interested in social activities or community service within an American cultural setting. Members of over thirty five nationalities engage in social activities, volunteering and charitable causes.

C/O Friends of the International Library e.V.
Mecumstrasse 10
40223 Düsseldorf


An important link with home for their members living in Germany, The British Women’s Club Düsseldorf eV is also a life-line for newcomers adjusting to life in the city. The club can provide members with help and practical advice on situations being faced.

These include finding schools, where to shop, best restaurants and general survival skills such as finding a doctor or German form-filling, help settling in and making friends in Düsseldorf.

C/O International English Library
Mecumstrasse 10
40223 Düsseldorf


Part of the international education centre Die Brücke, the main activities of the English Speakers’ Circle are talks in English on topics of general interest, often given by native speakers.

They also organise occasional English theatre performances and special events such as a summer outing. Normal meetings are held during early evenings on Saturdays and theatre evenings normally take place on a Friday.

Susan Jones
Karolingerstrasse 7
40223 Düsseldorf


The society known as the Deutsch Britische Gesellschaft hosts regular speeches in Düsseldorf to stimulate debate on current economic, political and cultural issues.

Goals include promoting German and British relations, informing on aspects of British culture and lifestyle as well as encouraging personal contacts. Most evening events are held in the magnificent atmosphere of the Goethemuseum in Schloss Jägerhof.

Birkenweg 4
40627 Düsseldorf
+49 211 201 560


A forum for business professionals of all nationalities, the British Business Club Düsseldorf’s programme includes dinners with famous speakers, sports activities and social get-togethers. An informal atmosphere supports valuable exchange between expats and locals.

Founded over sixty years ago, the former Gentlemen’s club has long been popular with women too. Noteworthy events include traditional Christmas dinners and the annual Burn’s night.

Ilbertzweg 4
40670 Meerbusch
+49 2159 807 89


Original language movies are popular among expats in Düsseldorf. Films are frequently screened in English at a variety of cinemas in original with subtitles, known as OmU or Original mit Untertitel and without, portrayed as OV or Original Version