DUSSELDORF ARCADEN Expats who prefer to shop in a mall will find most of what they need within the relatively spacious Düsseldorf Arcaden. While a typical ambience can be expected […]

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STILWERK Stilwerk is a bright, light and inviting shopping mall dedicated to the fascinating world of design for the home. Located just off the Königsallee in Düsseldorf, premium brands are […]

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SEVENS Sevens mall is a more recent addition to the indoor retail landscape of the Königsallee. Its modern ambience conveniently houses electronics, white goods and home electrical goods on its […]

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SCHADOW ARKADEN As the development of the city centre of Düsseldorf progressed, the Schadow Arkaden played a key role during the mid 1990s. Shoppers in the more down to earth […]

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KÖ GALERIE The largest shopping mall in central Düsseldorf is the elegant Kö Galerie. Richly designed using generous marble and bronze elements its core reflects the elegant, extravagant style of […]

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KÖ CENTER Opened to the public in the late 1960s, the Kö-Center was the first shopping mall to be created in Düsseldorf. Situated on the Königsallee, it was built using […]

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The Trödel und Sammlermarkt Düsseldorf Messeparkplatz P1 is by far the largest in the city, has a decades long tradition and takes place a few times every year. Up to a thousand stands offer true junk, antiques, upmarket second hand clothes yet very little new produce.

The experience includes a good selection of nourishment such as grilled, smoked or fried fish, soups, cheeses as well as exotic dishes. Beverages of all kinds include wines, juices and various blends of coffee. All in the open air located on the car park at the trade fair.

Raadter Strasse 79a
45149 Essen
+49 201 894 2111



Two flea markets are organised in Düsseldorf at one location, the Radschlägermarkt, cartwheel market, as in the symbol of the city and the Ulmenmarkt named after the street. The first is held periodically up to once a month, the second normally takes place every other Saturday afternoon.

So-called lifestyle markets, they offer antiques and antiquities, brick a brac, design and vintage clothing as well as other items such as fruit, vegetables, plants and flowers. Food and drinks are also available in numerous varieties throughout the day. 

Am Buschhäuschen 57A
42115 Wuppertal
+49 172 953 1212


RITA LAGUNE IN DÜSSELDORF Rita Lagune combines the glamour of cutting-edge evening couture with the coolness of progressive street wear at an international high-end level. The collection ranges from street […]

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The most traditional flea market in Düsseldorf is the Trödel & Antikmarkt am Aachener Platz. Excellent bric a brac can be found on Saturdays from six until mid-afternoon. Centrepiece is a large permanent marquee with antique dealers and the big attraction of Café Sperrmüll, where live bands perform mostly jazz or blues. Regulars enjoy the friendly atmosphere. 

Surrounding outdoor stalls large and small run by professionals or amateurs. From boxes on the ground to fancy displays, old and new, dilapidated or polished vendors all vie for the attention of punters on the hunt for something unique, special or cheap. 

Ulenbergstrasse 10
40223 Düsseldorf
+49 211 154 548


KÖ BOGEN Located next to the royal park & canal of the river Düssel, the spectacular Kö Bogen in Düsseldorf is an architectural city centre highlight. The project was hotly […]

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