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Christmas Tree Cutting

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Christmas Tree Cutting

November 28 @ 00:00 - December 18 @ 00:00 CET

Two guys carrying Christmas tree through snow

TBC! Watch a kitsch seasonal movie and the marvellous experience of a romantic couple or excited family felling a Christmas tree themselves is often revealed. Many American and some British families follow this wonderful tradition in rural regions at this time of year. Cutting your own Tannenbaum is a magnificent experience and the freshness is a joy for those that partake. Fortunately for local expats, the age-old tradition of felling a fir, Tanne, or spruce, Fichte, can be upheld the vicinity of Düsseldorf too.

Festive Gut Diepensiepen in Ratingen offers the opportunity to fell your own tree between November 30 and December 22, Wednesday Sunday. Schlosshof Garath welcomes you to cut your own tree on a late Advent Sunday otherwise purchase locally sourced trees from early December. Both allow you to cut personally or will fell the Christmas tree of your choice for you.

The beautiful scent of a freshly felled Christmas tree with presents piled around the base is more intense. So gather around, grab some eggnog, choose someone to read Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas and have a very merry Christmas!

Photo: © Gut Diepensiepen


November 28 @ 00:00 CET
December 18 @ 00:00 CET