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International Schools


Re-imagining education in a fast-moving world

Historically, standardised education prepared students to become productive workers for an industrialised society. Today, we live in exponentially changing times where diversity and creativity are highly valued. We cannot predict what the future holds for our students, but we expect that they will live in a very different world; a world that is digitally connected, where all knowledge is available within seconds. Schools must reevaluate what they do to ensure they remain relevant to the needs of all students. Our goal at ISD is to inspire our students to become self-directed learners, creative thinkers, and compassionate global citizens, who can flourish in a dynamic world.

A world-class education, for whatever your child may do

Founded in 1968, the International School of Düsseldorf is a not-for-profit, independent, co-educational day school located in the heart of the international community of Kaiserswerth. Due to our non-profit status, all our income is invested back into the school for the benefit of our students.

Our school has a proud 50-year history of supporting young people to pursue their dreams and ambitions, in all walks of life, and in all corners of the globe. We deliver an outstanding education that prepares our students to be successful and inspires them to make a difference; an education that will equip them with the skills and aptitudes to tackle the global challenges they will face.

In our rapidly changing world we imagine that our students will need the passion and courage to go on learning throughout life and the creativity to dream of a better world. At ISD, we are committed to providing every student with the individual support they need to flourish, to discover pleasure in learning, to become autonomous and intrinsically motivated, and, ultimately, to become architects of their own futures.


  • Positive Discipline Association
  • Council of International Schools
  • International Baccalaureate Organization
  • New England Association of Schools & Colleges
  • State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Department of Education

Key Facts

  • Serves students aged 3 to 18
  • Students-Faculty ratio: 8.5:1
  • Maximum class size: 22 students
  • Approximately 1,000 students from 55 different countries
  • Official language of instruction is English, native German language programmes

Our Curriculum

  • An International Baccalaureate (IB) flagship school
  • Primary (PYP), Middle Years (MYP), and Diploma (DP) Programmes encourage personal and academic development and support students to become inquisitive, life-long learners
  • Integrated use of technology throughout all grade levels

The Faculty

  • Dedicated team of university and college-educated, credentialled and professional international teachers
  • Approximately 150 full- and part-time faculty from 24 different countries

Sports and Activities

  • Extensive sports programme – local and international competitions
  • Wide selection of cultural, creative and physical after-school and special interest activities
  • Mother tongue programmes
  • Private music lessons performance opportunities

Community Life

  • Parent Volunteer Centre (PVC) welcomes and helps arriving, departing and residing families
  • Large number of volunteer and parent development opportunities
  • Community sports and music opportunities for adults
  • Annual community events including ‘International Fest’ to celebrate cultural diversity

Special Services

  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) support to acquire linguistic competence
  • Access to outstanding personal counselling for all students
  • Learning support to help students meet their potential
  • Robust health services

Career and University Planning

  • Choice of 56 IB courses
  • Detailed, individualised career and university planning from grade 9 onwards
  • Expert guidance with worldwide university applications

ISD: A learning community that supports your journey beyond where you think you can go.

By ISD, edited by Vincent Green / Jan 11 2022

International School of Düsseldorf e.V.

Niederrheinstrasse 336
40489 Düsseldorf

+49 211 940 66


The International School of Düsseldorf delivers an outstanding education that prepares our students to be successful and inspires them to make a difference. ISD supports young people to pursue their dreams and ambitions, in all walks of life, and in all corners of the globe.

Students playing in school grounds


ISD core values are central to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, that serves as our curriculum framework. No matter what it is your child loves or how they prefer to learn, they will discover a caring, supportive and exciting learning environment at ISD.


When students enrol in the International School of Düsseldorf, their families are also welcomed into our diverse global community. Just as learning to be a world citizen does not end in the classroom for our students, the ISD experience does not end at the school gate for their parents.

Artist performing on carpet


Art venues and museums in Düsseldorf regularly present selections of their fine pieces in well arranged exhibitions. Regular exhibits also include fascinating or rare works from across the globe with loaned art and artefacts.


Germans, on the whole, love and respect pets and are friendly towards dogs. Dogs are permitted on public transport and inside restaurants but keeping a pet on a leash is a must. Dog ownership in Düsseldorf is highly regulated and taxed through a compulsory licence fee.

Welcome to Düsseldorf

Big city business and small town charm unite to create a vibrant and safe choice of relocation for expats. Modern and old architecture sit comfortably alongside wide river banks and charming urban districts. Enjoy the city!

The old city hall in winter twilight