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Expats are international specialists and residents ho form a highly desirable group of individuals and families. Of foreign origin and speaking little or no German are the two most defining factors. Expats are beneficial to the local economy, which is why Düsseldorf wishes to attract and support more international residents and become ever more expat friendly.

Online support for expats

First and foremost, international residents wish to learn about their temporary home in a language they can understand, both before and after they relocate. Amazing Capitals publishes eGuides and eBooks are at the heart of the expat experience. 

Strategic partnerships

To address the needs of expats, Amazing Capitals is fortunate to have received the backing of the city of Düsseldorf, economic development office and Düsseldorf marketing. Businesses such as Messe Düsseldorf and the International School of Düsseldorf, ISD, are further sponsors.  They have helped create a free to use, holistic online source of relevant, location based knowledge in English. The result? A channel of communication, support for industry to attract talent from abroad, informed expats, cultural interaction and a highly advantageous image for the city.

Target a unique audience

Are your products or services attractive to international residents? Expats relocate for a period of time. They normally need to buy everything for their new home and themselves during their stay. They consume, are loyal and recommend to friends and colleagues.

Join this fascinating project and advertise to a distinct group of English speaking locals on Amazing Capitals Düsseldorf.

We can help expats find you. Create awareness, become more attractive, raise your image amongst the community. Benefit from new referrals, find new prospects, gain new clients. Get noticed and known, enjoy recommendations. Spread knowledge, cultural understanding and support.

Win new clients, make a difference to individual’s lives, grow respect and feel good doing it. Integrate Amazing Capitals in your marketing strategy. Publish a full page presentation or advertise with a banner package. Help create an eBook to give to new and existing staff members. Directly or through your media partner. Alternatively, let’s create a unique package together. And if you feel insecure about your English language translations or your approach, a premium package may be right for you.

Clients stem from business, administration, retail,  entertainment, trade fairs, tourism, the corporate world and international schools.

Or become a sponsor

Research shows that expats yearn for a sense of belonging. Levels of contentment can make or break the ability to lead a good life abroad. The acquisition of knowledge is often fundamental to their quest for happiness. Expats have a clear desire to discover all the information they require. But in a language they understand and all on one place. Amazing Capitals Düsseldorf does exactly that.

Call locally on +49 151 66 55 22 32 to advertise or become a sponsor, where you and your company can brand part or all of the online guide for periods of six months, a year or longer.

Explore how to improve your expat employment circumstances. Reserve a discovery meeting on Calendly, call or contact via further options below. Opportunities include a variety of packages and advertising options. Joining is effective, efficient, quick and smooth.

By Vincent Green, Aug 16 2023

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A more effective, holistic approach is required to inspire expats to relocate, provide knowledge to support settling in and motivate them to remain in their new home. A simple tool with a quick overview to help spread the word through your company. No signup required!

City guides for expats

Amazing Capitals Düsseldorf overflows with insights for expats. The eGuide is dedicated to helping international residents make choices, settle and participate. Enjoy!

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