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While Düsseldorf is a compact place, identifying the most suitable neighbourhood to live in may not be so easy when undertaken alone or from abroad. Busy expats may not find the opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of a locality.

Relocation is more than just moving to a new house in a new location. Professional assistance is at hand in the region for both companies and individuals. Photo Progedo Relocation.

Using an agency can provide a level of support to start a new life and job while completing the transition into a new environment smoothly. Especially those with a sturdy grasp of local knowledge.

Experienced corporation representatives and streetwise expats unite in recommendation of utilising a thorough overview or any professional support offered. However, according to multiple sources within the industry only a third of moves are handled by a relocation agency.


The Amazing Capitals Düsseldorf eBook is an essential tool available to companies and expats to help acquire solid first impressions before a possible relocation. Offering many insights, it is also an easy and useful document to reference throughout a stay. Sections concerning The Location aid in getting to know the city and society; Things To Do, covers the first choice of great places to go out, events and happenings as well as the vast cultural offerings; Expat Life is offers all aspects to inspire international residents to feel good.

Amazing Capitals Ltd
7 Bell Yard, London
WC2A 2JR United Kingdom
+44 755 050 7799


The Expat Service Desk offers initial information concerning living and working within the city of Düsseldorf and the county of Mettmann. As an official organisation, they bundle information, networks and institutions. Gain comprehensive support on official procedures, professional qualifications and careers, social integration and aspects of everyday life.

The agency supports companies who wish to employ expats, covering the recruitment of international specialists, official procedures, professional development and qualifications.

Ernst-Schneider-Platz 1
40212 Düsseldorf
+49 211 544 157 40


Palladium Mobility Group offers relocation and immigration services in Düsseldorf. Committed, multilingual consultants possess local expertise to pave the way for employees and their families to settle into their new environment quickly, easily and as successfully as possible.

These include preparing travel documents, an initial area orientation trip to the new location, home and school search, work permit, telecoms, utilities and bank account.

Jägerhofstrasse 31
40479 Düsseldorf
+49 800 725 523 486


Progedo’s mission is to get new employees up to speed as quickly and smoothly as possible. Services include the search for housing, logistics of a move and the completion of all related formalities. This can lead to speeding up the process of integration.

Their efficient process includes dealing with local labour law requirements, language courses and cultural awareness training. Progedo is knowledgable on the environs of Düsseldorf.

Johannstrasse 37
40476 Düsseldorf
+49 800 776 4336

Society & Folk

Society and folk in Germany is often hotly debated and opinions divided. However, anyone who has experienced the hospitality offered in this culture knows more. Germans are more laid back than first meets the eye. Life in Germany as a whole and Düsseldorf especially is peaceful.