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© Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf
© Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

One in every seven companies in Düsseldorf has an international background. The city is the most important location for direct foreign investment in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the leading international location in Germany.

The city administration is proud of its pro-business policies, which make it highly attractive for international investors and multinational companies. Innovative, sustainable urban planning and consistent building site management ensure that practically every investment request is matched with a suitable location.

Plug and play city services

The Office of Economic Development is a service-oriented point of contact for international companies. It provides comprehensive advice and support from initial investment through every phase of business and development. Whether an innovative startup or a global corporation, the city offers “plug and play” services which make it very easy to get off to a successful start in Düsseldorf.

  • Bespoke service in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese
  • Establishment information, help finding commercial property, support settling in, network linkups
  • Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Luxembourg, Paris, Zurich within 1 hr flight
  • 31% of European Union residents, 50% purchasing power within a radius of 311 miles or 500 kms
  • Expanding coworking spaces, growing network of experts, startup and investor infrastructure
  • Interesting demographics has created population growth of 22,000 in recent years
  • Attractive for highly-qualified Germans and Internationals, young individuals and families
  • Sixth in the world on the renowned Mercer City ranking list for quality of life
  • Düsseldorf and North Rhine-Westphalia are strong economic regions

Digital hotspot and diverse industry base

Düsseldorf has a healthy mix of industries and business sectors including industrial manufacturing, mobile telecoms, life sciences, business and legal consulting, fashion and advertising. The city has become a hotspot for Europe’s digital economy, thanks to its unique cluster of mobile communications firms, startups and industrial manufacturing companies.

City of short distances

Cultural offerings and events in Düsseldorf are on equal footing with any other metropolitan area. Yet the city of short distances is manageable, green and sustainable. Although compact, Düsseldorf offers the full range of services within a short distance. Travelling from the airport to the trade fair centre or the heart of town takes just 10 minutes. Nowhere is business more efficient than here.

Beneficial cost advantages

An important consideration in a business investment decision, Düsseldorf boasts one of the lowest local business tax rates in Germany. Commercial rental costs for office space are moderate when compared to national and international locations. By comparison, prices for industrial real estate are also considered moderate. Good news for companies considering an investment in Düsseldorf. For their employees too, since residential rental and housing prices are also very competitive.

A fine place to invest, work, stay and play

Able to offer a perfect work-life balance and high quality of life with arts, culture and infrastructure, the city is a pleasant place to live where individuals and families feel at home.

Düsseldorf reveals a fascinating blend of business and lifestyle as well as the unique juxtaposition of a popular old town district and elegant Königsallee or period neighbourhoods. Its folk are famous for their friendliness and hospitality, contributing to the unique charm of the city on the Rhine.

Düsseldorf is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, NRW. With 17.8 million inhabitants, it is Germany’s most populous federal state and Europe’s most heavily populated region. A GDP of $830 bn in 2014 ranks NRW ahead of European countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Poland or Sweden.

We welcome you to discover the true heart of our genuine and authentic location.

By Office of Economic Development, edited by Vincent Green, Dec 13 2016

Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf
Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung

Burgplatz 1
40200 Düsseldorf

+49 211 899 3155

Suspended railway to airport


As most expat residents may have noticed, Manises airport is comfortably close to Valencia capital. Planes are often visible performing their gentle descent on final approach in the skies south east of the city centre.

Man sitting on window sill


The topic of German society and its folk are frequently hotly debated with opinions divided. Even many natives themselves claim their compatriots are highly respected, yet they lack humour, are complicated and very reserved.

Written text on paper


We stand in a foreign culture finding ourselves pointing, gesticulating and hoping to be understood. Germans mostly speak at least some English. However, some expats relocating to Düsseldorf may wish to carry a few basic but helpful words with them for use in awkward moments.

Funfair ride against blue sky


Large events and activities happen in Düsseldorf throughout the year, some becoming nationally and internationally popular. Carnival is huge, as is the large funfair on the Rhine river bank opposite the old town. Others can have an influence on daily life such as the marathon and other races.

The city guide for expats

Amazing Capitals Düsseldorf is a fresh and informative location guide full of insights for expats. Dedicated to helping international professionals make choices, settle and participate, it presents all facets of the city on the Rhine. Helping businesses to attract and retain international talent.